Tony Wright (Terrorvision) +support from Failed Magician

Monday 26th November - 8:00 pm

Tickets: Advance £14/Door £15

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Tony Wright (Terrorvision) +support from Failed Magician

To say Tony is a busy man would be an understatement. In addition to his three albums with his post-Terrorvision Band Laika Dog, he has now released two solo albums to date with a third one in the works. “Thoughts ‘n’ All” is just Tony and his acoustic guitar. The follow up “Walnut Dash”, released last year, brought the evolution of Tony with his acoustic guitar and a full band.

Tony will be out and about picking up inspiration anywhere he can find it in preparation for the new release. Be sure to catch him on the road because you never know – you might just end up being the subject of one of his songs!


Pete Spilby

There comes a time in a man’s life when the blues become mandatory listening and this, in turn, has informed his new songs.

“I have sorrow in my pocket and exorcising the ghosts is a way out of the darkness,” he says. “There were a lot of deaths in rock during 2017 that made me think about mortality, depression and life. There’s a thread that goes through all of this and it’s basically a collection of domestic blues songs, sometimes seen from both sides of the story.

Spiby called upon fans to fund his solo outing via Pledgemusic and smashed his goal to bits.

“That’s when shit got real, as they say,” explains Spiby. “I had a bit of a panic on, getting the songs together and finished; things started to take more of a shape I liked and could sort of understand. It started out so simple and I made it really complicated for myself and recorded 30 odd songs, which is a fuck load of time and effort.”

For his next trick, he assembled a crack team of ne’er do wells to help bring his ideas to life in the studio with Matt Ellis at the production console. “It’s quite a mixed bunch of losers really,” he says. “All solid musicians and amazing people; All my type, which is a very hard thing to find in any lifetime. It’s a fairly big entourage.”

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