The Witches and Wizards Vaudeville Evening

Friday 29th June - 8:00 pm

Tickets: £15

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The Witches and Wizards Vaudeville Evening

An evening of comedy, verse, mystery and imagination, music and dancing


Gurdy Bird –  A fun and unique modern spin on the Hurdy Gurdy.

Gurdy Bird an eclectic purveyor of traditional-steam-punk-cross-over-folksy-inspired-music, if it was darker it wold be gothic and any more corseted then medieval. Gurdy Bird is a festival favourite and often brings multi-media interpretations, backing-tracks and a real oomph to her music.

Jackie Juno – Will have you laughing with her act, fresh from her shows tour of ‘Spellbound’ Grand Bard of Exeter and winner of several Poetry Slam Events. She is a mystic, a poet, a raconteur and philosopher. Expect the unexpected, from the sharp to the satirical, the muse-full to the magical.

Alan Jones – will have you asking ‘how does he do it’ with his mystery and imagination show. Mind Reader and Mentalist has featured on radio and TV. From local mystery evenings based on the works of Elizabethan seer John Dee and the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. Alan is a storyteller, wizard and mind-twister.

Jonahs Lift – This Penryn based group are and electric, high energy folk/rock band whose music will get you off your feet and dancing. Local stars of shindigs, hoedowns and good old knee’s ups, these guys will not only pack a musical punch, but get you out of your seats and whirly-gigging until the theatre calls ‘Close’.

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