The Oak Apple Quarterly Cabaret Night

Thursday 18th January - 8:00 pm

The Oak Apple Quarterly Cabaret Night

OakApple Cabaret showcases the acoustic duo Privy Chamber, with original, melodic, haunting songs of Spring and Summer. Some performance poetry from Robert Erskine, formerly of Poetry round. Also introducing Josa of the pure sweet voice, singing Jamaican folk songs, and Anna Dowling, a fabulous singer and musician, with a heart-warming set. And who knows what more? Maybe some dance, maybe virtuosic juggling. Come along and be cheered-up.

OakApple Quarterly Cabaret will feature strong, original local talents, bringing you each time a new, lively range of music, drama, poetry, improv. theatre, circus acts and dance. Our resident house band, HappyFeet, will play you in and out with uplifting jazz songs of the Twenties and Thirties, in the cosy, intimate setting of the Acorn’s downstairs bar.

So that the sun returns,

the earth is clean,

the greensward runs with daisies

and the clear stream flashes down its banks

towards the sea


So that the sky is full of pointed stars,

so that Orion’s belt is grinned with fire:

that the coloured fruits lie still between the leaves,

the twisted branch is black against a winter sky,

the seed is sprung, and swells with new year sap –


So that the sun returns.

Tickets available only from The Acorn Box Office on the door only £6

All stated specific acts may be subject to unavoidable re-juggling, in the event of unavoidable lumps in the custard of  Life...