The Non-Psychic “Psychic” Show with Greg Chapman

Thursday 10th May - 7:30 pm

Tickets: Advance £10/Concessions £8/Door £12

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The Non-Psychic "Psychic" Show with Greg Chapman

Psychic’ performances are everywhere these days – with people who claim the ability to communicate with the dead performing in everywhere from theatres, to home visits, and on television.

What, however, for those who are interested in the idea of these ‘psychic’ shows, but are sceptics? Or would like to see how much ‘psychic’ phenomena can easily be faked?

Then they need to see ‘The Non-Psychic ‘Psychic’ Show’, the new show from magician, escapologist and comedy performer Greg Chapman. Using the full range of magic, escapology, mentalism and other performance skills, he takes the audience through a ninety minute exploration of fraudulent mediums, from the Victorian Seances to modern psychic readings, but all clearly presented as trickery – and without any attempt or illusion of talking to people’s ‘dead relatives’.

This show is fun and thought provoking. Although the show takes no stand on whether it is actually possible to communicate with the dead, it shows how the appearance of such communications can be made through trickery, in a way that in entertaining, interesting, and at times downright funny!

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