Kakatsitsi and friends….

Sunday 25th June - 6:00 pm

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Kakatsitsi and friends....

Kakatsitsi return to the Acorn by popular demand but this time they are not alone. This time they are part of Indigenous People….

Indigenous People feature not only the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana but also The !Gubi Family of San ‘Bushmen’ from the Namibiam Kalahari and David Mbilou, Bwiti ‘Nganga’ (Spiritual Healer) from Gabon.

A fusion of traditional drumming dance grooves from one of Africa’s leading percussion ensembles combined with acoustic instruments and chants from the San and Bwiti people in their healing trance dance and Iboga ceremonies accompanying a dance performance fusing elements from all three participating traditions.

This performance will be entrancing and enlightening. What a way to round off the Golowan Festival….

Tickets are £15 (full price) / £13 (Concessions)

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