Friends of Golowan Party Night

Thursday 15th February - 8:00 pm

Tickets: £6

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Friends of Golowan Party Night

For your entertainment tonight we have:

Mike Hindle: funny man

Happy Feet: 20’s jazz

Liam Jordan: all the songs you know and love.

First of all, let’s have fun because that’s what Golowan is all about. Mike Hindle, the recent compere of the  Oak Apple Cabaret, has graciously agreed to share his musical and scatological idiocy and run proceedings for us. You will laugh.

Happy Feet are what it says on the tin: your feet will happily tap away as they offer up a set of the twenties and thirties jazz classics: between the four of them, they offer 2 clarinets, flute, guitar, banjo ukulele, bass and harmonies. Sweet harmonies. There may be a sax. You will smile and you may well dance.

Liam Jordan is Penzance’s finest man with a guitar: he can get a room of people up and dancing with an endless supply of excitingly performed, relentlessly energetic favourite songs from the fifties through to tomorrow, cause he writes his own good stuff too. You will love him, cheer with appreciation and dance again.

Friends of Golowan is a new organisation (after 3 and a half years of trying) that is seeking to offer a community voice in the running of Golowan, as everyone asked for back in 2015. We are now shadowing the development of Golowan 2018 and will be involved in the management of the 2019 festival.

What do we stand for? Well, come on down to the Acorn and find out, and better than that, come on down and tell us what you think. We have talked to many people and have an outline of what we want to achieve, and now is the time to put your five eggs in and improve the vision: tell us what you want us to do.

It is a chance to meet the committee, listen to our thoughts and contribute and, not least, to join Friends of Golowan so you have a voice in the development of the fine Festival of ours.


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