Brenda Wootton Biography Book Launch +Hand Picked +Richard Trethewey +Hilary Coleman and Neil Davey + Pete Berryman

Friday 16th November - 7:30 pm

Tickets: This is a free entry event with donations welcome

Brenda Wootton Biography Book Launch +Hand Picked +Richard Trethewey +Hilary Coleman and Neil Davey + Pete Berryman

An informal evening of Live music, including ‘Hand-picked’, with Mic McCreadie, Adrian O’Reilly, John Martin, and other favourites from the folk club days, to be announced… a short film of Brenda performing with Chris Newman, and an opportunity to collect or purchase the newly published biography “Brenda – For the Love of Cornwall; The Life and Times of Brenda Wootton, Cornwall’s First Lady of Song”

Mic McCreadie, Adrian O’Reilly & John Martin.

Here’s that rare thing: a merging of three fine talents, each one complimenting the other to produce music of vitality, verve and vigour. Interpreting songs with emotion, strength and passion yet, where required, also cleverly crafted and imbued with such sweet delicacy that it has delighted those fortunate enough to have already heard them perform. Musically bright, always interesting, certainly pleasing,      heart-warming and beautiful.

Mic McCreadie

Mic began his singing career in the late Sixties, learning and honing his craft from the many influences that abounded during the big Folk Revival of that time. Advised, befriended and encouraged by many of the major artists on the British Folk Club Scene of the 1970s and beyond he has enjoyed a long association as a Resident Artist with most of the major Folk Music Clubs in Cornwall, (Pipers, The Folk Cottage etc., etc., etc.) and has performed regularly at all the major Folk Festivals, including the Main Stage at the world-renowned Cambridge Folk Festival! He has also toured in Europe, earning himself a grand reputation as a fine guitarist, singer and performer, songwriter/arranger and interpreter of both traditional and contemporary music. He has fronted several-rock and R&B bands: Creepin’ Jane, Sensible Shoes, Big Dick & The Deviants and is now focussing more on acoustic music.

Adrian O’Reilly

It was in the 60s/70s melting pot of the British Folk Blues guitar scene that this highly accomplished guitarist/composer and songwriter developed his own lyrical style. It has taken him to a festival concert and club stages around Europe and the UK. Over forty years after they had first met, the great Jazz/Blues/Art Critic/Musician and a major influence on Van Morrison, 90-year-old Solly Lipsitz remembered: ‘Adrian and I gave a talk: “Can White Men Play The Blues?” He proved they can. A great player! Where is he these days? Cornwall? Good for him! The guitar has many hidden voices and he continues his lifelong search for them.’

John Martin

Initially on lead electric guitar with Jack Straw – a jazz/rock 6 piece band in the 70s – gigging throughout the UK and Europe with original material, John then became a session musician for a period in London with artists like Tim Harding, Clive Bunker, Rick Lee. Moving to Cornwall in ’78 and developing a career as graphic designer, photographer and lecturer, music is now an important part of John’s creative life, and an enthusiasm for the subtleties of folk, country and blues has rekindled his love of playing 6 strings or acoustic bass.

Richard Trethewey

Richard is a singer and musician with a fierce pride for the traditions, history and culture of his native Cornwall. Richard is passionate about bringing to life the amazing stories of people and events that have shaped the Cornish identity and make Cornwall such a special place to call home.

Richard Currently performs with a far-reaching and eclectic range of musicians, currently performing with The Grenaways, Didjan, Leski, Steve Hunt as a solo artist and with The Rowan Tree.

Richard recorded an album ‘Dig Where You Stand’ which explores the music associated with the many Cornish industries and this album saw him collaborate with Camborne Youth Band to forge a new connection with Cornwall’s great Brass and Folk traditions. This relationship was recently rekindled in a groundbreaking collaboration with Camborne Town Band for last year’s Lowender Peran Festival at Newquay.

Richard studied for a BMUS on the Newcastle Based Folk Music Degree before going on to train as a Music Therapist.