Believe Dance Show

Saturday 2nd September - 6:00 pm

Believe Dance Show

During this week we will work towards our show which will take place on Saturday the 2nd September at the ‘Acorn Theatre’ @ 6 pm, tickets will also be £10 and again all proceeds go to our chosen charities and will be on sale throughout the week.

We will be rehearsing all day on Saturday so everyone who wishes to take part in the show will need to be at the ‘Acorn Theatre’ at 10 am Saturday morning and will need to be there all day (we will be having breaks and lunch throughout the day so come prepared).

This week is a fun and full packed week anyone and everyone is welcome, it’s all for a good cause and it’s a brilliant chance to meet loads of people, perform and just have FUN!!!

If you wish to attend BELIEVE please contact 07711166869 or 07919062831 for more info, and to sign up, although no reservation is needed you can turn up on Monday ready to get started.